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Scheduling Online Therapy

Using Online sessions with a telemedicine video clinic platform, I currently offer psychotherapy online in both California and Oregon. If you reside in California or Oregon, psychotherapy online is conveniently available to you in the comfort and safety of your own space.

The online experience is almost exactly the same as an in-person session with me. Studies show that psychotherapy is highly effective even when delivered via telephone or by an internet-based video session. Sessions are scheduled and conducted in the same way as you would expect from traditional person-to-person psychotherapy.

With the onset of increased telemedicine, many of my clients have reported liking online sessions better than in person. Talking with my client in their environment leads to deeper work and increased understanding. It is harder to hide the symptoms of anxiety and grief, such as piles of unopened mail or accumulated items in the background, doing online therapy. Being online I am also more physically close to clients, making facial expressions and emotions clear, than if we were 6 feet away in my office and masked.

I use SimplePractice for telemedicine appointments. This is a simple platform that you can use on your computer or phone. After we schedule an appointment, I will send you an invitation to the client portal. Within the portal will be consent documents to sign, an intake form, and a credit card authorization form. All consent forms must be returned to me prior to our first session. About 15 minutes prior to your session, an invitation link will be sent to you to join the session at your appointment time. My office policies are the same for online therapy as for therapy in person.

Due to California MFT licensing laws and Oregon licensing laws, therapy over the web is available only to clients who reside in California or Oregon.


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