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Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives.  We all want to feel understood by others and connected to our family and friends. What we learn about relationships, our feelings, our perceptions of others, and how we communicate is often learned from an early age and then reinforced through our life experiences.

Great relationships have clear communication, which leads to understanding and getting our needs met, to good boundaries with one another, and to an experience of empathy.  People often come to therapy because one or more of their relationships are not satisfying or happy.

I specialize in working with individuals whose childhood issues or anxiety and depression are affecting the happiness of their adult relationships.  I work with loving people who need to figure out how to change an unhealthy relationship dynamic, whether it is with a parent, child, partner, or friend. I often see frustrated singles who want to find the right mate and who keep attracting the wrong kind of relationship.

The self-awareness and communication skills gained in therapy can help improve and create loving and happy relationships.

Dr. Wambach recommends the following books and workbooks, which may be conveniently purchased online at or from your favorite San Jose or San Francisco area book stores.

How to Be an Adult in Relationships

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice

Getting the Love You Want

Keeping the Love You Find

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