Online Therapy

During this time with the Covid-19 pandemic, many clients are needing to self-isolate and socially distance. However, underlying mental health issues such as covid anxiety and covid depression are still there. In fact, these conditions can become worse due to feelings of isolation and fear. To help during this difficult time, my practice is flexible with both scheduling options and appointment times. 

If you reside in California, psychotherapy online is available to you in the comfort and safety of your own space (home, office, or wherever you are), including Covid-related counseling and therapy.

The online experience is almost exactly the same as an in-person session with me. Studies show that psychotherapy is highly effective even when delivered via telephone or by an internet-based video session. Sessions are scheduled and conducted in the same way as you would expect from traditional person-to-person psychotherapy.

Scheduling Online Covid Therapy

If online or phone therapy appeals to you, please call or text my office at (408-332-1224) to schedule an appointment.

Leave a message telling me your name, your situation, your phone number, and why you would like online therapy.

I will then respond to discuss whether online therapy would be appropriate for you, and check if I have current openings.

If it appears that online or phone therapy would be appropriate for you, we will exchange all necessary information. I will fax or e-mail consent and health history forms for you to sign and send back to me.  All consent forms must be returned to me prior to our first session. To pay my session fee, I will put a credit card on file for you and charge at beginning of each session, or you can Paypal me prior to the session.  My office policies are the same for online therapy as for therapy in person.

If there is an app you are more comfortable with, let me know.


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