How I Practice Psychotherapy

Together, we make a significant impact to improve your life

As we take into account the mind, the body, and the spirit, the self also comes into focus, and we come to an understanding based on the whole self. In therapy, we explore your life through your dreams, memories, fantasies, beliefs, thoughts, images, and feelings in order to fully understand you altogether. We begin to piece together all that has happened in your life. In this way, I work from a depth psychoanalytic perspective. We look at how the unconscious meanings you have made of your life experiences can later guide your choices and responses in current relationships, work, school, and life decisions. These meanings or beliefs are often outside of our conscious awareness, but can guide our choices in ways that are problematic or self-defeating.

I will also direct your attention to your body, to see if you access your awareness to your environment, and make reactions and choices more clear. Sometimes the body and mind can feel disconnected, and you may either feel too much and be confused by it, or think too much and feel stuck in your head. Therapy can help integrate this, and lead to feelings of wholeness and well-being.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is used for specific skills in communication, self-awareness, and for better access to your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. We collaborate together to help you tolerate your feelings and understand the unconscious meanings behind your life choices. Our goal is to create balance in your life, and help you live the life you deserve, a life filled with an abundance of inner peace, fulfillment, and happiness.

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